Information Technology

Our Information Technology services are a key ingredient in delivering the customized land and facilities management solutions that we provide to every client. Whether the project is collecting or managing data, we work closely with our clients to achieve maximum success within their existing enterprise.  We have experience in working with all types of land and facility data, from building floor plans up to large scale land management solutions.  Regardless of the project scale, The Onyx Group Technology department devises facilities management solutions that save our client’s time and money.

  • Facility Information Management

The Onyx Group has experience in collecting facility data at the room level and creating or updating facility management databases.  This includes use, user, condition, and size information.  Our state of the art collection methods coupled with our facilities expertise allow us to quickly and accurately collect data.


  • GIS Data Collection

Onyx also has worked to collect GIS data through GPS data collection.  We have also worked closely with strategic partners to manage data collection through traditional surveying methods, as well as aerial imagery data acquisition.


  • GIS Application Development

The Onyx Group has completed several projects build on the Esri suite of tools to help clients present GIS data in easy-to-use, intuitive web applications.  The applications developed by The Onyx Group have proven effective in getting both information in the decision-makers hands quickly and accurately, as well as allowing wide audiences access to valuable information.